• Deburring of Finish Machining
  • Deburring of Rough Machining
  • Robot Deburring
  • High-pressure Water Deburring
  • Assembling and Testing
  • Press-fit
  • Welding
  • Dispensing
  • Screwing
  • Soldering
Robot Deburring

Robot Deburring

Traditional manual deburring can not meet the needs of modern industrial production. Traditional manual deburring is noisy and harmful to human health, and the speed is very slow. Robot deburring solves the problems that enterprises have been facing.
Robot deburring and polishing machine uses industrial robots to grip electric and pneumatic spindles or workpieces for automatic deburring, deburring, trimming, grinding and polishing. It is suitable for magnesium-aluminium and zinc alloy die casti

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Overview of Technology

  • According to the deburring requirement of workpiece, the robot clamps the spindle or workpiece;

  • With floating system, the tool can be automatically shaped according to the shape of the workpiece;

  • Milling cutter, rotary file, grinding head, abrasive belt, brush and so on can be selected as processing tool;

  • Pneumatic or electric spindle is used to adjust the size of the product's cape;

  • Floating pressure can be preset for processing different materials;

  • Standard flanges for industrial robots can be connected.



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